Selection of plays written by Natasha Sutton Williams


Clown Sex

Meet three characters contending with bad sex, sad sex and sometimes even clown sex. This hat trick o timely one-woman plays remind us all of the squelchy, awkward and sometimes even glorious sides of sex.

Commissioned by Arcola Theatre. 

Showing next on 19th and 20th of November 2018


Freud The Musical

A One Woman Show About Sex, Madness and Medicine. Based on the true-life account of Sigmund Freud’s cocaine abuse Freud The Musical gleefully annihilates the father of modern psychology in a flurry of cross-dressing and dick jokes. Find more information at

Performed at Reading Fringe Festival, VAULT Festival 2018, King's Head Theatre and Space Theatre. 

Dead Lucy xxx.jpg

Dead Lucy

Lucy has been dead inside for years. Now watch her decay over 24 hours. During the day she’s a failed educator, and at night she’s a failed party animal. That is, until a single misplaced child changes everything.

Performed at Southwark Playhouse, Brasserie Zedel, Angel Comedy Club and Waterloo East Theatre.

Prone to Mischief 3.png

Prone To Mischief

"I was eleven years old when I found a dead badger on the road. Brought it home to impress me brothers. They said if I stuck me hand up its arse I could join their special club. So I fisted a dead badger. They just laughed at me. That's me all over."

Commissioned by Velvet Trumpet. 
Performed at Old Red Lion Theatre.